3PL Webinar: Forging Strategic Partnerships with CPG's

Watch the recording of our webinar from April 23, 2014. 

As a forward-thinking 3PL, you're aware of the consumer-driven impacts of retail supply chain and the trickle-down effect on CPG's and their suppliers. Industry consolidation has driven you to think more strategically and foray into providing value-added services for your customers.

In this must-see webinar, Karl Kretschmer, 25+ year supply chain management veteran at the world-leading food manufacturer, MARS, discusses what today's leading 3PL's should be doing to stay on top of these evolving trends in the SCM world.

What You'll Learn From This Webinar:

  • Impacts of the growing industry trend of retail supply chain consolidation, and how it affects the direction of growth for 3PLs

  • How 3PLs can expand into value-added services like contract packaging, load optimization and customer service

  • How 3PLs can collaborate with brand customers with operational transparency, and align themselves as strategic partners

  • Real-world success stories of world-class 3PLs as they build strategic partnerships with their CPG customers

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Karl Kretschmer (CPA, CA) is a supply chain management expert, with over 26 years of SCM experience under his belt at MARS Canada. Since joining MARS in 1986, Karl has worked across a wide array of areas such as finance, marketing, procurement and logistics. Karl devoted the last 15 years of his career in an area of his passion: logistics. Among his many accolades, Karl is responsible for having revolutionized the vendor selection process at MARS, including contract design, setting, and reporting on key performance metrics along with cost management. Karl has extensive experience working with 3rd party co-packers and co-manufacturers. 

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Speaker: Karl Kretschmer, 25+ Year Supply Chain Management Veteran, MARS

Host: Nulogy

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